Optimal Health & Performance YOGA

Summer Promotion

Up to 12 Practices\Mo.

Practices Held:
Tues. 7:15 pm
Thurs. 8:15 pm
Sun. 7:15 pm

  • Cottage Grove, MN

Philosophy: As part of our strategy in being a Life Warrior we encourage regular time of retreat. During our Yoga classes we focus on mobility, postural correction, pain management and relaxation with three or four different formats. We have a format for everyone depending on your needs. Current formats include:

Vinyasa: This format uses up to 12 different activities that are used in a flowing direction after appropriate warm ups are completed. As always, ending with relaxation and focus on returning to the day or evening.

Restorative: This format overall has less activities and each position is held for a longer period of time allowing the body to release and open\lengthen your muscles and joints. Often times the room is kept a little warmer, but not hot like some other formats.

Yoga with Weights (seasonal): Weights are included in the various poses or activities to increase tension and strength. Poses are not held as long and often times flow like Vinyasa.